ArgueMyAss was started as a satirical project in an attempt to lighten up the depressing day to day barrage of negative politics. Beginning as a pet project it has now grown to employ 1 full time person and three part timers.

Whilst the focus is often lighthearted we do get serious and spend a great deal of time on research, fact checking (not always possible) and creating content that takes a poke at politicians behaving (in our view) badly. We take the Micky often but generally there is a serious background to what we post either on our YouTube Chanel, Our AMA website and TWITTER. We will be soon be launching the 'Peter Dutton' inspired "Twitter Crazies website" so be sure to check in, we intend to have a lot of fun.

We are APOLITICAL but it has been said we are thrashing the 'right' #LNP and the reason for this is that give us more ammunition than the others. But let us be clear, we abhor shitfuckery by any politician or political party.

We should point out that sometimes we use profanity because frankly we are, well so angry at some of the clearly corrupt goings on that we juts have to swear - we do not intent to offend.

We are not funded by any political party, party affiliates nor politicians we do this and pay for the research, Freedom Of Information FOI requests and various news feed subscriptions out of our own pocket. Oh and the lawyers, we do appear to upset a few 'high profile people'.

If you'd like to help us with a small donation or maybe even a regular donation it would help us greatly and assist in us growing, improving and reaching more people.

We will also be releasing some (we think) groovy T-shirts and other merch, stay tuned.

Two ways to donate, either a single one off donation of whatever size or a regular subscription. All will help us continue and grow and will be very much appreciated.

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